The Founders

The Team at Dunvegan Productions come from a multitude of backgrounds.  They emerged from the wilds of the kitchen, the ivory towers of Academia, the lonely cabins of prose.  They met at the perfect place for misfits... on the deck of a Pirate Ship.   Here they are...

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Lane mcleod Jackson

Lane McLeod Jackson is a writer-director from the Midwest, South Jersey, and occasionally Ireland.  After receiving his Masters in Galway he returned to South Jersey where he became a director, writer, teacher, and pirate.  He is now bringing his years of experience to the New York area.

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L.J. Longo

The author of eight published works. In addition to being an award winning writer she has raised her voice in choirs, sailed the seas as a pirate, and haunted alleys as a Philadelphia ghost tour guide.  She is in her final year at Seton Hill receiving her MFA in popular fiction.

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Nick spinosa

A former pirate, chef, and captain he is now currently a software engineer and life long entrepreneur.  Nicholas Spinosa is part of the engineering team at Wade and Wendy who teach A.I. to talk. He came to the art's through gaming and is facinated by the upcoming potential of V.R.   


The Team


Ashley Robyn Patten
Marketing Director

Ashley Robyn Patten is a NYC based actor, artist, and entrepreneur. She designed Dunvegan Productions' logo and has also stared in the first public reading of Dunvegan’s Gingerbread. Ashley also sells original artwork. Keep tabs on her latest creations by following @RedHandedRobyn on Instagram or Facebook.


Sean McCullough
Company Manager


Sean McCullough is an actor, stage manager, and photographer. Now he can add company manager to his extensive work with Dunvegan Productions. Sean was the lead in the short film, Dog Person, and also worked as lighting designer for Dunvegan's recent production of The Promised Land.


Tyler Riley
Officer of Outreach


Tyler Riley, a graduate of Stockton University, is a former audience services coordinator, and current Education Coordinator for TDF. He has ties to several Off-off Broadway Theatre companies in NYC and has a passion for discovering who goes to the theatre and why. Tyler also appeared in Dunvegan Productions’ inaugural show The Promised Land as Elliot.