The Promised Land

Climate Change has torn the world apart. But in one small place deep in the heartland a family has managed to create a safe haven for all who seek refuge... as long as they follow the rules.  Abraham, is a loving father, ruthless dictator and scientist looking to God for a brighter future.  Ester, his devoted wife, rules the household and the secret police with an iron will.  Their beautiful daughter, Rebecca, loves a good time and runs a criminal enterprise to make sure it happens.  But everything is put at risk when the traveling salesman, Elliot, comes knocking with the last thing anyone expected... hope. 
Limited run: May 29- June 10th. 

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An American Nightmare

The Promised Land has always been a part of the American dream. A city on a hill paved with gold stretching from sea to shining sea.  Early colonists saw it in opportunity across the ocean, while slaves prayed for it as they escaped towards freedom.  But that hope for paradise has never left our hearts.  So as we look to a future threatened by Climate Change that resembles revelations more than Eden, we can only wonder at our ambitions.  Will they be our downfall or will they help us achieve that promise ever seeming out of reach.  

 Kids can never keep a straight face

Kids can never keep a straight face


The cast brings a much needed humanity to this wasteland and makes each other laugh in the process.  

 Early costume design sketches

Early costume design sketches

And Crew

The designs to bring our life helps make theatre what it is.  Thank you!